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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting – Compare Best Dedicated Hosting Price & Reviews


With Hello Surfer dedicated server hosting review take your business to the next level. Get Fast and reliable dedicated hosting in one click at an unbeatable price below.

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What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is a type of internet hosting in which you will get the entire server not shared with anyone else. You will get the full control on the sever including the system, and hardware etc. You can run one or more website on one dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers are generally placed in data centres providing redundant power. There is another level of dedicated hosting referred as complex managed hosting.

If you start getting more traffic more than usual, then dedicated server hosting can be good choice. An entire server will be allotted to you and not shared with anyone. The dedicated servers are more reliable and give the great uptime.  You can choose configuration for you dedicated server and the pricing will be managed according to that.

How does Dedicated Server Hosting works?

A dedicated server is a powerful hosting that allows user to have its full control over the hardware and the software of the server. Renting a dedicated server can be costly if you don’t have knowledge to maintain it. You can choose the platform for your dedicated server hosting either Linux or windows.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated hosting is the most reliable and powerful hosting.

  • It will allotted you an entire server which will not be shared with anyone else. You can keep your own files.
  • Dedicated servers provide more stability and reliability with the great uptime.
  • You can customize the server according to your needs for CPU, RAM, software, and disk space.
  • Each sever has the unique IP address. So, you will have own unique IP.
  • You will get the full control over the server which means you can install the scripts and make custom configuration as you like.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Even this type of hosting has the number of advantages, it comes with the few drawbacks that you should know before getting this hosting.

  • It is more expensive as compare to other type of hosting.
  • It required full knowledge to maintain and run server yourself.
  • If any problem occurs in server, then you may need a hire technical support which increases its’ cost.

Why should you purchase Dedicated Server Hosting?

Search for the dedicated server hosting and you will get lots of results. The competition in web hosting service is very high. So, its’ easy to find the affordable hosting with rich features.

Price: – You can get the package that company already set. Or you can make your custom package as per your need and the price will be according to it.

Scalability: – In this type of hosting you will get the different package with the different features. You can upgrade your server as per your requirement by increasing RAM, disk storage etc.

Features: – There will be lots of features offered by the hosts to attracts the customers. Including one click installation of script to start a blog, forum, chat. You need to research and compare for better hosting service.

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