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branding zero to hero

September 10, 2018 by admin with 0 comments

How to Turn Your Branding from Zero to Hero?

Many of you have always searched how to make ‘your’ blog that everyone reads. Must have always wondered how did the famous bloggers did it, well don’t sweat now because we would be telling you different ways to make your blog a ‘brand’.

Creative Much?

  • If you are creative enough then you should get different kinds of topics that nobody has ever told about.
  • Try to be creative with your titles, so that it catches the eye of your reader. The reader should enjoy reading your blog as well as learn something from it.


  • Many bloggers have inquired about how many times should one publish something on their blogs. According to me if you have the time and will, then you should do it every day.
  • It takes time for people to start reading your blog so the more you publish, the more chances of people visiting your blog.
  • In the starting you have to be really consistent later when you have a lot of traffic visiting your blog then you can slow down according to your will.

Does writing style matter?

  • Bloggers need to attract people to their blogs so that they get more traffic and start earning.
  • So if you have a unique and different kind of style of writing it’s always welcome.
  • People love reading something new every day, because if it’s different and new the human brain remembers it better than the other things.
  • So it’s important to have a different writing style.


  • Luring readers to your blog is necessary and in order to do that you should have a different kind of blog post every time.
  • This way people would know that you have a vast knowledge about different things, plus you will get audience from different blogs as well.
  • If someone reads or talks about things related to history and you write something about history for a change, that person would at some point stumble on your post, adding more views to your post.


  • Designing your blog is important so that it matches with your blog’s idea.
  • Having something that makes your blog ore worthwhile to read is always better.
  • This way your readers also enjoy reading your bog and would visit it more.

Making a LOGO!

  • LOGO is what?
  1. Logo makes up for all the things that might be wrong with your blog.
  2. Logo is a very necessary thing for your blog as that is what makes your blog, people remember your blog by your LOGO.
  • Designing your own LOGO is always better as you know what you blog is all about and you would know what you have to offer to other people reading your blog.


  • Talking with your readers will always be beneficial.
  • You can do a ‘live’ video chat in order to know about your readers, it’s always good when you know what your readers think about your blog.
  • You can have question/answer session with your readers where you answer to their questions.

ADVICE- Never di-respect your readers in any way because they are the ones that are making your blog better.

  • Always answer their questions in a good way, so that they understand what you are talking about.

Hiring People

  • You can always hire someone to take care of your statistics.
  • Its always good to get help from a person who might know better about these thigs than you.

ADVICE- Always check the person you hire.

  • See the papers and make sure you have enough proof that proves that they are the right people for the job.

Know Your Niche

  • People can write anything in their blogs but being good at it is what makes it different.
  • You should know everything about your Niche as the readers would look forward to you if they have any problems with the blog.

ADVICE- Take up a niche that suits you and the one you know a lot about. So that you can write something about it and even tell your readers if they have ay problem.

  • If you guide your readers they would know that you have a throughout knowledge about the topic.


  • Stay focused- Know what you are talking about and be clear.
  • The readers should know what you are talking about, stay on the track while writing your blog post.
  •  Always conclude it later.


Experiment all you want blogging is all about experimenting with your thoughts and ideas. Always be ready to answer silly questions. Don’t hesitate before giving any opinion as long as it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments. Be Yourself.

Happy Blogging.

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