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Hi, Transparency is an important thing in business and we at Hello Surfer strongly advocate this in our website.  In line with this thought we wish to inform there are some products on our site that which will earn us a commission when you purchase them.  Like every other site, we have setup our site for profit.

We are a growing concern and we have entered into quite a few affiliate agreements along the way.  Since it is an exhaustive list, we may not be able to provide the whole list at the moment.  However you may assume that all the products and links mentioned in our site, that generate commission for me are safe.

While there are numerous products and services online, we promote products which we have analyzed and found to be safe and functional.  Some of the products are web hosting, software, WordPress plugins, themes, android application and other website services.

We do not receive free products for publishing these links on the website.  The remuneration we receive is inform of commission or compensation.

In case you require any clarifications in this regard, you can immediately talk/chat/correspond with us using the contact page or click here.

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