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About Hello Surfer

After all, Technology does not belong only to the Scientists and IT Geeks!

It is we the common people who find use of it in our day-to-day life.  Some of us are looking to set up websites to sell our products, while others want a unique name for the same.  Even school or college-going students wish to update their mobiles with new functional or funky mobile apps.

We all check a packaged product to know the brand, quality and durability of a product.  Sometimes we also seek reviews to purchase these products. But we are put off by technical jargon when the latest gadgets or setting up a website.

Our Inception

We at Hello surfer felt the same many a time when sourcing Technology.  Realization dawned that there are not many tools to compare Mobile Apps, Hosting services or Domain Services for the common man.

An idea formed in our mind and thus was initiated, Hello Surfer, a comprehensive Technology Price comparison platform.

What happens here?

Our site has options of comparing prices of

  1. Hosting services
  2. Apps/Software
  3. Scripts
  4. Software
  5. WordPress Theme
  6. Domain Services

There is more to this site than just price-comparison. Our esteemed users can also rate or share their after-purchase experience.  This way the platform can then be a guideline for future users as well.

The Hello Surfer Team

We are united in doing our best to bridging the gap between those who have access to knowledge opportunity and those that do not.

Gulab Chandra


Gulab is head of SEO and SMO at Hello Surfer, where he is analyzing clients’ online marketing data to identify new opportunities.

Sudhanshu Pandey


Sudhanshu is head of marketing at Hello Surfer, where he leads the creative marketing and customer success teams.

Aditya Singh


As Founder of Hello Surfer, Aditya is driving the company’s vision of connecting businesses with great platforms to learn & earn more..

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