14 Free Online Marketing Tools – You Should Not Avoid

Here we are going to list some important free digital marketing tools that can boost your productivity.

  1. Open site explorer: In order to understand competitor profile linking strategy and search all sites which are linking to them, one of the swift ways to do is to use open site explorer as a part of an SEO tools campaign. Simply copy the competitor’s website URL and obtain result.
  2. Siteliner: To gather information about the external and internal links, duplicate unique, common, content, number of words per page, TEXT-To-HTML Ratio, Siteliner is perfect website explorer tool for smooth content analysis.
  3. Portent’s Title Generator: Portent’s Title Generator is of immense help for creative content writers or people who want creativity in everything even in title of the content. This tool is so fun to use and generate serious and hilarious titles.
  4. Google Keywords Planner: How one can forget about Google Keywords Planner when we are talking about free online tools. This tool is of immense help for small business owners who want to run Pay-Per-click or Adwords campaigns.it offers lot of features which can tell number of people actually searched for their keywords.
  5. Facebook Audience Insights: Facebook Audience Insights not only gives demographic results about business owners audiences like age and percentage of gender who visited or shown interest in their products or services, business owners can also learn new stuff by toggling among the options.it also help in creating interesting content.

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  1. Pablo By Buffer : Those are like to say thing with pictures tool like Pablo By Buffer is the ideal choice. This tool eliminates the need to learn and then use Photoshop to say things on social media. Its features and tools provide social media pro photo.
  2. Followerwonk : Want to do brand promotion through Twitter? Followerwonk is the tool to consider. It not only do analysis of your followers but also compare account, search through locations, identify other followers and influencers and search twitter bios.
  3. io : Starting from Google to Fiverr Keyword.io is a very handy tool which provides keyword ideas to build content around to small business owners. Its gives an idea which keyword usage can generate more attention from target audience.
  4. Screaming Frog : Screaming Frog can help in finding broken links, audit redirects, discover duplicate content and analysis of page titles and Meta data at a URL Level. This allow user to crawl up to 500 pages for free.
  5. Answer The Public : Through Answer The Public tool companies not only get help in writing content it also helps them in improving their ranking in search engine. All the questions and topics which can arise in minds from a particular keyword are bought into notice through this tool.
  6. Hootsuite : Hootsuite allows posting your updates on all social media platforms including Google+ corporate pages and allow reviewing of messages and conversations.
  7. Marketing Grader: On-page markup analysis can be performed by Marketing Grader which reviews on-page for SEO.
  8. Majestic: Off-page backlink analysis can be performed by Majestic is no longer just an SEO tool or PR tool, it helps in fulfilling all kind of your digital marketing needs.
  9. Google Analytics : If anyone is interested in understand complete and overall online marketing capabilities Google Analytics can be a solution which helps in planning creative content for social media and digital platforms.

How to Achieve Google Ranking?


Have you ever speculate about how to help more people disclose your website?
Almost 1,40,000 websites are hosted per day this is just a rough figure. One of the best ways to reveal is through SEO called as Search Engine Optimization.


As per today  there are 13,00,00,000 registered websites on internet. Most of us be contingent on search engines for whatever we want to search upon to find what we want and these search engines work so good and efficient that over 91% of the people using the internet  rely on them to find things.


There are a lot of search engines available like google, yahoo, bing ,ask ,AOL etc. 95% of the people uses google as a search engine.
When you search anything on google you get a result page with a large stuff.


On searching for any topic a page appears in front of your browser that is the first page. The line which you see on the first page after entering the search term that is “about 2,27,00,000 results (0.27 sec)” shows google has found this many sites probably relevant for which is we are looking for.
Here companies can pay google to place adds for when people can search the things.
That page is the actual result list which is just a list of websites which actually contains what you are looking for. This is just a first result page you can click down for the next pages also but people usually refer to the first page if they do not found relevant information regarding to their search term they do not even bother to click on the subsequent pages instead they refer to change the search terms and select the other stuff.
Most people who click on the first page use to select only to what preferred as the GOLDEN TRIANGLE.


About 70% of the people just click on there only. This is how optimization take place. If your website is not coming in top 3 search result or not even on first page that means your site is not existing. Nobody will going to visit your site. Optimizing search engines or doing SEO is important. When people search for something relevant to them and they see your website on the search results they will going to click and visit your page.
Have you even wondered some website are shown in top 3 while others get stuck way down at the bottom. Position of website is determined by what prefer to as PAGE RANK.


Every website has a ranking. In the beginning only search criteria was done on the basis of KEYWORDS. For example, if you are searching for like California Sandals so only those websites which contains keywords like sandals are placed at the top as a result of search criteria.
Sources containing a lot of keywords didn’t necessarily mean they are relevant what matter is that they are sided often by other papers. SEO still look at your website’s keywords but they still rank your site’s RELEVANCE on the number and quality of BACKLINKS to other websites.

There are 2  correspondence used in SEO-


Through keywords google see your website and know what it is about. Keywords by the name you can easily guess are words that are a key for any data or names which gives description of anything in a single word only.



Shows how much google TRUST your website. They move your website up the foodchain.
That’s why search results are also known as ORGANIC or NATURAL RESULTS.

SEO is classified further into 2 types-

page-5-image-9Optimize website to contain the KEYWORDS that are relevant to your site.



Generates BACKLINKS to your website that originate from other sources. Links to your site can be created using articles,social media,blog posts,discussion boards etc.

SEO is essential because it helps you to move TOP of  RELEVANCE RESULT and since almost everyone rely on search engines to find anything. SEO is the most effective way to increase TRAFFIC  at your site.

The more INFLUENTIAL the website is they links back to you, the more EFFECTIVE there backlinks from that site is going to high on your SEARCH RESULT RANKING.


5 Popular Hotel Management Softwares every small hotel should consider investing

hotel management software

Finding the right software is extremely important when it comes to your hotel business. Because without a suitable software solution, you’re squandering time and money – big things that take you away from your customers and keep you from providing the ultimate guest experience.

For smaller hotels, you might think you’re getting more value for your money with a solution designed for big hotels, but actually you might need some adjustments.

We give you a glimpse of top 5 hotel management software’s to choose from what suits you the best.

  • Opera Property Management System (PMS) by Oracle

Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA Property provides a full-featured hotel management system to an extensive portfolio of clients worldwide ranging from hotels, casinos, restaurants and travel operations. Their solution come in three levels (Premium, Standard and Lite) and is also available for both cloud and installed deployment.

Cost – Oracle does not publicly share their pricing, but you can contact their customer support for detailed information.

  • QiK Circle A.R.M.S Asset & Resource Management Software

Trusted by industry experts, QiK Circle A.R.M.S is a comprehensive and scalable solution tailored for the hospitality industry. This hotel software caters to wide variety of property types – from big chain hotels, resorts, motels to restaurants and spa. Delivering utmost accuracy and transparency, QiK Circle manages your hotel with full control with server based technology integrated with Cloud computing. Available in 3 versions – Silver, Gold and Platinum, this hotel management software satisfies all your needs out for a great hotel PMS.


Cost – Though QiK Circle do not provide their pricing publicly, their software versions are differently priced according to monthly and yearly plan which are extremely affordable.

  • eZee Frontdesk by eZee Technosys

Designed and developed with latest technology, eZee Frontdesk is a hotel management system providing solutions to run business operations more efficiently and effectively. This hotel software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties – big/small hotels, motels, resorts and apartments. Also this software provides a 30-day trial to see if the solution fits your property.


Cost – Pricing information is not shared publicly, but you can request for a free quote by providing contact information.

  • Hotelogix PMS by Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a hotel PMS software for seamless management of group and independent hotels, resorts and apartments to automate entire hotel operations. It is the only cloud hotel management software with 3 editions – Freemium, Premium and Enterprise.

Cost – Their premium edition runs at $3.99/room/month with a minimum billing of $65. Enterprise costs $5.99/room/month with a minimum billing of $90. Add-ons are also available for an additional cost in monthly installments with minimums.

  • Frontdesk Anywhere

Designed and developed in San Francisco, Frontdesk Anywhere was built for independent hotels, resorts, and management groups. With innovative technology, the software run on internet and doesn’t require any software to install. This hotel PMS software also comes in 3 editions – Basic, Pro and Enterprise and offers 14 day no commitment free trial after the initial demo.


Cost – Pricing isn’t available publicly, although you can request for a free demo for their editions.

What are your thoughts on Hotel Management Software? Did I miss any of the hotel management solutions that should’ve made the list? Which one do you use? Do let me know in the comments below.



What are the Techniques for Generating Leads?

lead generation

Leads are the utmost superficial factor required in any business whether it is a startup or an ongoing business. Using lawyer lead generation to bring a new client is one of the smartest move you can make to build in to your practice. Essentially a lawyer lead generation program matches you the law firm with clients specifically looking for legal representation. If you are trying to scale up your business, lead generation is for a couple of reasons.
In this fastest growing world, craze of competition is devastating on a very high level. While marketing your services online you may have experienced sometimes many ups and downs in your business and your leads might have lost their way. There is nothing to worry about. I am here to help you out how to improve your online presence and obtain better leads and more clients in your way to business.


SEO is a great long-term investment for a business, but there is only one way to generate High Quality Leads in less than a week, and be at the top of Google for hundreds of different keywords and keywords variations.



Clear and prominent call to action. Highlight phone number, email and forms on all the pages, preferably on the header and footer. Displaying your contact us form will increase the leads because nowadays customers do not have enough time to wait for any process and they are more likely to be prepared for an in-face meeting.



A good number of visitors may have stumbled upon your site but may need your product service at a later date. So as it is important to connect them through your fan page or twitter account. Social media is important for business as it is not only a growth in traditional marketing nor a classic advertising rather it builds up a conversation between more and more people that are joined every day. Successful advertising is getting your business and messages in front of people who are ready to buy your products or services.
Example-There are number of ways to grow your business online. Many overwhelming tools and resources are available for you but one critical tool is there LinkedIn which totally sparks its importance. WHAT DO WE WANT THE MOST REGARDING TO OUR WEBSITE??? Answer is always that we want more leads, more traffic, more sales right but there is a different approach when you use a LinkedIn in order to get those leads, traffic and sales. Overall what has mattered here the most is leads.



It is very important that you publish the positive feedback of your happy clients for better leads. Conversion rates are even more if you can add a photo and much more for a video. For greater credibility, testimonials can be an essential tool for higher lead generations.


page-3-image-4The problem with most standard websites is that they are designed for mobile phones hence distortion and non-compatibility arises. A responsive website works on all devices whether it is a mobile phone or a desktop or a laptop. Designing a site as responsive turn on your leads more as nowadays visitors visit to only responsive website most as they too work on different devices especially when there is a boom of smartphones in this youth.



Discounts and coupons generate a considerable number of leads but this should not be overdone. Special discount for new clients will improve the conversion rate drastically.



Certificate and trust seals. When it comes to online business, trust, trust and more trust is needed to convert visitor into a potential customer.



Header and footer with map listing, call to action, contact information. This enables to capture leads no matter what the landing page is.


You can instantly appear on any page and help people who are searching you for your solutions to their problems. Through ppc you will not able to help people but also you will be able to explore your leads.



Every visitors always tend to watch a video compared to your content. An engaging video about product or service with a clear call to action is likely to get more details conventional sales copy. Sales copies copied with videos are likely to get significant number of leads.


What is the role of Social Media in your Business?

Over the last few years social media has completely changed the internet. Actually it has changed the whole world and also  the world of marketing.

Social media is important for business as it is not only a growth in traditional marketing nor a classic advertising rather it builds up a conversation between more and more people that are joined every day. Successful advertising is getting your business and messages in front of people who are ready to buy your products or services. It is no longer about shouting the loudest. More than half of the human race is under 30 years old. They have never known life without the internet. Traditional media emphasis on intercepting the consumers. Today we cannot imagine our life without internet. Only 14% of consumers trust advertising 78% trust peer recommendation. Today people get their information online.Multiple interactions are just a matter of time.


Social media is important in business in following ways-

Advertise your brand


Social media offers another marketing channels for creating brand awareness, relationship building or driving your sales.

Loyal community is established
People enjoy being part of the business that is proactively building a lively community. Such an online community can help you to establish connection or emotion between your company and your prospects which is essential for your long term access.

Improve customer service


Social media is a great feedback source enabling your prospects to communicate with your company and each other can greatly improve your customer service.

Increase digital exposure


Interacting in social networks can significantly increase your online presence. Social media leads to massive exposure due to its worldwide access showing capabilities in huge amount of daily users.

Boost traffic and SEO rating


Social media is a majorly generated and constantly bring high traffic to your website. They can also help with SEO since search engines can fluctuate with social media contents.

Expand sales and audience


Listening to the prospects on social networks can help you to respond to their specific needs, increase in sales but also customer base.

Cut marketing costs


Social marketing is compare to traditional channels like print, advertising etc. Social media marketing is affordable for any business. Remember that the channel itself is free.


Social media is a new way of thinking and marketing. Managing social media, taking care about content, twitter feedback get quite time consuming and you need to focus primarily on your business.


It increase website traffic and keep customers returning by keeping customers engaged with content and linking to your websites.
It drive sales and encourage social recommendations by giving them the chance to discover, engage and share the content.
Raise awareness and products by rewarding customer loyalty with promotion. Business through Social Media can help your company leverage the viral marketing power of social media to STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND REPUTATION, ENGAGE CUSTOMERS AND DRIVE DEMAND for your products or services.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 – Every Online Marketer Must Know

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Every year there are new trends in digital marketing in 2017 that are based on changing demographics, new technology, and the innovative use of older programs or methods. While your business does not have to follow every new trend, it does pay to stay aware of them. This is because you might find them useful for your business or your competition might be using the new trends and benefiting from them.

Some of the trend have been in place for years while others have only recently emerged.

Here are the top digital marketing trends that may help you reach new customers.

  • Smartphones are Taking Over

The rise of smartphones has been noted for several years. What makes it different is the expansion into Asia markets which opens new frontiers for businesses in the US and Europe. In addition, the usage of smartphones has increased to well over 50% of all searches on the web. For businesses that want to expand their customer base, responsive website design is a must as computer and laptop searches have dropped considerably over the past few years.

  • Optimizing the Mobile Marketing Experience

While many businesses use responsive website designs, the current trend is to optimize the mobile experience by adaptive designs that differ depending on the device used. This is due in part to Google reducing the rankings of sites that employ pop-ups on smartphones. The change means that businesses will still have to figure out how to use the right mobile strategies to reach new customers. However, greater amounts of data are being mined which will provide more information to optimize the experience for mobile users and improve marketing prospects for businesses.

  • Greater Use of Artificial Intelligence

The rise of A.I. with products such as Siri, Watson, and Cortana have already penetrated the internet. The Bot Messenger for Facebook is yet another addition of artificial intelligence that is spreading quickly. The I/O 2016 from Google is an assistance service built around A.I. that signals the growing trend of replacing human interaction with computers armed with artificial intelligence that is labor-saving and efficient for most instances of query communication.

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  • Rise of Messaging Apps

There is a growing trend among consumers to communicate with each other outside of normal social media channels. This is leading to the rise of messaging apps which more people are using to converse as opposed to places like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. Currently, the trend is using free messaging apps and this provides opportunities for businesses to use messaging services.

  • Automation & Programmatic Marketing Clouds on the Rise

The use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are being used by cloud vendors that market their service to the internet community. The rise of Martech which uses these attributes will only grow stronger in 2017. Marketing cloud solutions will incorporate new data from customers from different sources to paint a more complete picture of future marketing trends. The result will be a more automated approach to marketing that uses collected data and predictive analytics to provide a guide to the top digital marketing trends of the future.


Consider some Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Hiring

The involvement of internet in the corporate world is booming day by day and according to the latest news, it is confirmed that the concept of virtual employees is loved as well as preferred by most of the firm owners across the globe. Though it is a new concept, but its popularity is increasing with the passing of days.

Virtual hiring of employees offers many advantages and benefits for instance saving of time, money and other official resources, short term goal can be achieved very easily and many others.

So, if you are also dealing a business in the corporate world, then this concept is essential to implement in your organization. Virtual employees can save your time and money and help you in completing a project and a goal within a short time period, but you need a well-proper management for hiring them.

You have to hire someone who is trust-able and complete your work according to the deadline.

Instead of your HR policies, you also consider some do’s and Don’ts before hiring an employee virtually :

Don’t expect a traditional office worker/employer- When you are looking for a guy who virtually work for you, then you also must have to leave physical office conditions such as 8 hours of working and all that. A virtual employee work on hourly basis and after that they do not work.

Generally hours of working for a virtual employee might be 2 to 4 hours a day. Apart from this, you also not check their work amid as they work at their own workplace (home or any other location), you can also not call them for official meetings and for other official gatherings. You can only contact with them via online medium for instance, social networking websites, emails and others.

Do check their references- With the increases of popularity of virtual employees, there is also increasing in references principle. So, before hiring a virtual employee, you must have to check their references as with this you easily estimate about them and tackle them easily without any hindrance. Mostly every virtual worker also write their preferences to their professional profile so that firms do not have to move here and there for their references.
For virtual hiring, you can contact with many online companies that were engaged in offering virtual employe services. You can also post your virtual employee hiring request to many online directories as well as job portals.

Virtual Hiring – A win-win situation for both the employee and the employer

Virtual Hiring

It has been observed that a virtual employee provides more advantages than a full time regular employee. It is not that it is a one way system, but is also beneficial for the employee. This way getting work done remotely has advantages for both the employee as well as the employer. That is why the concept of Virtual Hiring has got so much attention. It has provided an easy way out for both the employees and the employers. Under this system, the worker can work sitting comfortably in her or his home anywhere in the world. Therefore, the physical barriers have no place in this context.

For the employee it is advantageous because he or she does not have to travel over long distances. Had he or she been employed on a regular basis, there have been dual problems. The first is that the employee had to travel long distance if the office is in big cities or metropolises or cosmopolitans. Added to it are the travel difficulties and complications which might upset anybody while travelling. Above all, it is an expensive option.

Moreover, for the Dedicated Virtual Resource, distance is a great physical barrier which separates a person from his or her job. In fact, travelling impossible distances or shifting to huge distances involves immense resources in the form of time, money, energy and effort. Therefore, the physical distance acts as a barrier to many opportunities. One could get deterred in the face of shifting to a far away location and drop the idea of that particular job. This means the industry gets devoid of talent just due to the distance. This barrier must be broken at any cost and that is why the concept of working from home is gaining ground.

On one hand, there is economy of time, effort and energy, on the other, the work involves efficiency and quick return of the completed work. As there are no language, financial and communication barriers the work is advantageous to both the client and the employees. Another one for the employee is that he is not bound by the time rules of the company. He or she can do the work according to his or her convenience and free time. There are no limitations of either time or work. It suits to the employer as well because he or she does not have to incur the overhead charges. Thus, there are some advantages for the employee and some for the employer.


8 Lead Generation Method to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into Seles Machine

There are number of ways to grow your business online. Many overwhelming tools and resources are available for you but one critical tool is there LinkedIn which totally sparks its importance. There is lot of great tools and websites that you can use on social media.

Everyone wants to grow their business in the age of social media that’s the reason I have researched on LinkedIn. Let’s go ahead.

How to use LinkedIn for lead generation?


LinkedIn is a one of the best social media platform for connecting professional peoples, finding jobs and sharing your business requirements etc. It is really the main one where you should grow your business online.

But have you ever used LinkedIn for lead generation? 

If no, then I’m going to share best LinkedIn lead generation method below just stay connected with me.

What do we want the most regarding to our website?

Answer is always that we want more leads, more traffic, more sales right but there is a different approach when you use a LinkedIn in order to get those leads, traffic and sales. Like if I say personally then I want more and more traffic, more leads more exposure, more sales ……… on my website and much more just like what everybody wants.


Why you should use LinkedIn for Sales Lead Generation?

Linkedin is one of the most influential sources to reach and engage with your costumers nowadays. Because it’s almost globally used—by peoples and brands. I was also knowing that there are many other famous social media like facebook, twitter, YouTube, pinetrset but one friend of mine suggested me to generate leads through linkedin and within a couple of months I had built a great business.

Here are the top LinkedIn sales tips; that how to use LinkedIn profile for lead generation:

Sales Tips #1: Make sure to fill your profile

Many people set up their profile but only some of them fill it completely. They keep their profile like half aware and do not fill according to what based on LinkedIn terms. First of all tell people who you are, who you help, how you help, share your story (Summary).You should make it compelling. Upload a professional photo of yours this will help your site to be viewed more than normal as many people sometimes wants to visit your site just to look at the photo of their co-partner again and again.

Sales Tips #2: Enlarge your connection

Although you are connected with the ones whom you know, your personal connection with your friends and all but on LinkedIn you should explore your connection with new people. START BRANCHING OUT ND REACHING OUT TO NEW PEOPLE that you want to connect with people in your industry, other leaders, and people in your local market. The more you connect with interesting people, people you don’t know the more your opportunity will expand and grow.

Sales Tips #3: Leverage your mutual connections

If you outreach a mutual connection, users are 5 times more likely to engage with you. Find out who is connected to with your LinkedIn connections and request an introduction in your network.

Sales Tips #4: Create your own targeted LinkedIn Group

Like suppose i had created a group known as “Sports Industry” and now it has reached to approx. 100,000+ members from around the world. I used to send a message to all of them once in a week which will going to get more traffic and more leads for my company.

Sales Tips #5: For search ranking make sure to optimize your profile

Millions of people today used to search in every single day for a free lancer, for consultants etc. to higher to serve their problems in their business. Just like in Google websites we add keywords here also same way in your LinkedIn profile you can add various keywords.

Sales Tips #6: Endorsement and recommendation

When you are connected with your customers then endorse their activities; give response for whatever they share. This will help you to build your relations or network strong.

Sales Tips #7: Publish your LinkedIn Pulse Article

Whenever you post any blog on your LinkedIn profile, it gets shared with your profile, your LinkedIn members and whosoever is in your network. You can also share anything new about your company with your LinkedIn members which will going to explore your business.

Sales Tips #8: Build your relationship

Try to establish connection by yourself with others.try to go in-depth within your personal members and even check if there are any interconnections that you might be missing. Like for example if one of your personal friend is having any connection with the one who can be of your stream then do not hesitate to explore your connections. This will going to develop the relationship and build buyer confidence and credibility.

Everything you want in your business more sales, more exposure, more leads, more traffic, more recommendation it all starts with growing a strong network which can only build by LinkedIn.


110+ Free Business Listings Sites in India | Best Indian Local Business Listing websites List 2016

Before claiming your business on following free Local Business Listing Sites in India, Lets know some essential facts about Citations.

What is local business listing?

Local business listing website is an Internet business directory that contains your brand’s name, business’ address, Logo, email, phone number, fax, websites & other information.

Why you should place your business on these websites?

If you want to boost your business’ online presence in your local area then Local business listing is core task of any business owner. There are lots of top free local business sites available in India that are offering free business listing submission. Citations building are major ranking factor after coming back to back Google & Bing updates in 2015 & 2016.

Get the overtime interest of free business listings websites on Google below & see the graph flow of this chart how every person are taking interest in searching of these free business directories to claim their business.

Key Benefit of Local Business Listings-

  • Make your business visible on the Internet in your local area
  • Increases your probability of being found by Local audiences
  • Increase your chances of local ranking in SERPs
  • Inexpensive Local business marketing
  • The more places you claim your business & the more noticeable your are & the more trust flow you get.

Get the top free Indian business listing sites below:

Here I’m offering the local business listing sites for Indian business owner. I’ve featured Alexa Rank, High & low Domain & Page Authority of each Business Listings websites in India. Find the list of those free business directories below.

Note: Please choose (10 to 100 entries) near show on top of excel doc according your page navigation. & Alexa, PA & DA may be up-down so check once again before listings.

[table id=1 /]

PS:I’ll keep updating this list as I get other best Indian business listings site.

PPS: If I’m missing any website, please do comment. I’ll add them in this Local business listing websites List.

So Guys Keep Listing Your Business & Grow Your Business in India.